1. Q: How do I purchase from Syed Kingdom?
    A: Start by clicking on "Get Started" and fill out the form.

  2. Q: Can you ship directly to FBA, my prep center, my warehouse, or residential location?
    A: Sure, we can send your order anywhere in the US! That means we can deliver it to your place, an Amazon site, or even a warehouse you use.

  3. Q: Can you provide shipping costs to FBA, my prep center, my warehouse, or residential location?
    A: Absolutely! We can give you a shipping price, or you can find your own. Sometimes, you might need to use a pre-arranged freight, but we'll let you know when we give you the order price.

  4. Q: Amazon will only accept 200 pieces of a certain SKU at this time, can I purchase less or split the shipment to amazon and my warehouse?
    A: For most products the MOQ is firm. You can email us your requirements and we will work on it with you.

  5. Q: I do not have a company/I am not in the USA, can I purchase as an individual without a Tax ID #?
    A: Yes, We sell to individuals without Tax ID or a registered Company.

  6. Q: Are pricing and minimum order quantities negotiable?
    A: The prices and minimum amounts are decided by the agreements Syed Kingdom has with the brands and distributors we partner with. If you want to order fewer items or discuss a better price, just email us and ask! We'll let you know if we can adjust the price or minimum quantity for you.

  7. Q: Where are goods located?
    A: Every deal is stored in a different outside warehouse. Often, we bring the items to our warehouse before sending them to you.

  8. Q: Do you have a product spreadsheet I can download?
    A: Yes, please click here.

  9. Q: How long will it take from when I place an order until when I get goods?
    A: We can give you estimated lead times in days, but once your order leaves our warehouse, it's in the hands of the shipping company. Because wholesale orders are bigger and more complicated than regular retail ones, we can't control delays caused by carriers. The times we give you are estimates and depend on many things. Places with lots of goods to handle and intricate shipping systems can add to the time it takes for delivery.

  10. Q: Do you apply ASIN labels or provide other prep for items?
    A: Yes, But as every order is different you need to discuss first with us.

  11. Q: What if the item stops selling well, price drops, or I get banned from selling the item?
    A: We cannot take responsibility for any issues you may encounter while selling items on amazon or any other marketplace. 

  12. Q: Do you provide invoices that can help us get ungated on amazon?
    A: Yes. Our invoices have worked to help ungate sellers for items on Amazon. We cannot guarantee you will get ungated, but we may be able to help you. 

  13. Q: How do I know that the items you are selling are legitimate and not counterfeit?
    A: We have direct relationships with almost every brand seen on our website. In addition, we strive to do research on each of our vendors before listing any of their products. We have long standing relationships with upstanding vendors that are known to have only authentic goods. In addition, we have agreements with them stating clearly that goods must be authentic.
  14. Q: Do you offer NET terms?
    A: We do not offer in-house terms at the moment. All orders must be paid in full prior to shipment.

  15. Q: What payment methods do you accept?
    A: Here is a full list of Payment Options. All payment must be received in full prior to shipment.
    1. US or International ACH or Wire Transfer (No Fee)
    2. Zelle or QuickPay (No Fee)

  16. Q: Can I cancel an order or return items?
    A: We do not allow any cancellations or returns. We may be able to make exceptions on a case by case basis. Payments will be returned in the form of store credit only.
    NOTE: There may be additional fees. Return shipping will be borne by the buyer.

  17. Q: What happens if a shipment is missing units, defective or wrong item were shipped?
    A: You can submit a claim by emailing our team within 30 days of delivery. You will be required to submit proof. If proof is not submitted within 14 days of a claim being opened, it will be considered closed, and we will be unable to reopen it past that point. Note that we will not cover items lost or damaged during shipment. Once we hand off the shipment to the carrier, it is no longer under our control and therefore not our liability.

  18. Q: Are all the products sold on Syed Kingdom brand new, unexpired, and retail ready?
    A: Yes.

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